2021 Grand Oaks Volleyball Teams


VARSITY/Junior varsity

Names of those who earned a spot in the program are listed below in alphabetical order. Due to level of competition, the coaching staff will be making further evaluations regarding team placements after the first day of practice tomorrow (8/4). 

B. Anderson
J. Auguste
P. Bales
A. Ballard
C. Bothwell
J. Davis
C. Emmerling
M. Gibson
B. Groenemann
Z. Hall
C. Johnson
K. Lohnes
S. Louis
M. Manning
G. Mbonu
C. McCutchen
S. Noriega

E. Oluleye
M. Padgett
J. Robertson
S. Sampson
A. Scogin
B. Sheridan
E. Soniat
J. Sosa
Au. Terry
Av. Terry
A. Thomas-Kelly
F. Thompson
V. Van Beelen
E. Vincent
K. Wardell
M. Weedon



A. Ballard
C. Barnes
K. Bellamy
A. Butler
N. Clifton
E. Ferreira
K. Hames
D. Labbe

S. Mills
E. Philip
C. Pizzie
O. Salinas
M. Skinner
K. Temple
M. Woods